/fæt / (say fat)

adjective (fatter, fattest)
1. having much flesh other than muscle; fleshy; corpulent; obese.
2. having much edible flesh; well-fattened: to kill a fat lamb.
3. consisting of, resembling, or containing fat.
4. having a large quantity of a particular element: fat pine (pine rich in resin).
5. (of paint) having a comparatively high oil content.
6. fertile, as land.
7. profitable, as an office.
8. yielding excess: a fat profit.
9. (of spirits, and sometimes of wine) not delicate, clean, fine or pure; containing many different constituents.
10. thick; broad; extended.
11. plentiful.
12. plentifully supplied.
13. dull; stupid.
14. phat.
15. any of several white or yellowish substances, greasy to the touch, forming the chief part of the adipose tissue of animals and also found in plants. When pure, the fats are odourless, tasteless, and colourless, and may be either solid or liquid. They are insoluble in water or cold alcohol but easily soluble in ether, chloroform, or benzene. They are esters of various fatty acids with glycerol.
16. animal or human tissue containing much of this substance, lying under the skin and having the function of storing energy and maintaining body warmth.
17. a part of the human body with a large amount of this tissue and so being overly fleshy: rolls of fat around his waist.
18. the richest or best part of anything.
19. especially profitable or advantageous work.
20. (plural) fat cattle.
21. Theatre action or lines in a dramatic part which permit an actor to display his or her abilities.
22. Printing matter that is easily and profitably composed.
23. Colloquial a playing marble.
24. Colloquial (taboo) an erection.
25. Colloquial overtime.
verb (fatted, fatting)
verb (t)
26. to make fat; fatten.
verb (i)
27. to become fat.
28. a fat chance, Colloquial little or no chance.
29. a fat lot, Colloquial not at all: a fat lot you care!
30. a fat lot of, Colloquial little or no: *You've given in to 'im your whole life long, and a fat lot of thanks you've ever 'ad for it. –henry handel richardson, 1929.
31. crack a fat, Colloquial (taboo) to get an erection.
32. it isn't over till the fat lady sings, Colloquial the outcome is unknown until the very end. {Phrase Origin: from the phrase `the opera isn't over until the fat lady sings', reputedly adapted in 1978 by Dan Cook, 1926–2008, sports editor of the San Antonio Express-News in the US, from an earlier phrase `church ain't out 'till the fat lady sings'}
33. live off the fat of the land, to live in luxury.
34. live on one's fat, to consume reserves; live on one's capital.
35. stick fats,
a. (in the game of marbles) to keep one's marble in its present position.
b. to hold one's position.
36. the fat is in the fire, an irrevocable step has been taken, resulting in dire consequences. {Phrase Origin: 14th-century English; with reference to cooking fat falling into an open fire, causing a dangerous flare}
37. the fat of the land, the trappings of luxury, especially rich food and drink.
{Middle English; Old English fætt, originally past participle, fatted}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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